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Live Excellence is an affiliate of Tola Malibu Inc.

Live Excellence is founded by Laura Doughty and is established on three fundamentals to excellence and they incorporate our body, mind and spirit. 

To live excellence requires a discipline in being healthy – our body.  Taking care of the vessel we were given to do the work that only we can do on this earth is not an option; it’s a duty.

When it comes to living life – our mind, continual growth and expansion are required to transform us into the excellence we are.  When it comes to business, having a servants heart is at the core of service excellence and it’s what drives Laura when working with other entrepreneurs.  Given her upbringing, it won’t surprise you that she’s also extremely passionate about encouraging entrepreneurship from an early age through her charity work and other programs.

Laura understands it not only takes money to make the world go around, it takes heart – our spirit.  When we ignore our calling or have not discovered our purpose, our lives become stagnant and emotionally painful, even leading to dis-ease and sickness.  We are meant to thrive and live a life full of passion.   The pursuit of excellence breathes life into our lives igniting our spirit.

Utilizing these fundamentals to make a difference is to Live Excellence; it is your ExcellenceDNA™.  Laura is passionate about living excellence in her daily life and helping others fulfill the same.  Whether it’s in their business or personal life, Laura knows first hand the power of implementing excellence in everything we do.

We hope you enjoy the programs and offers made available to you here on this platform.  Any questions, email [email protected]